Peaches, peace and purchases

Eating fruits and vegetables in season is something that I think we have forgotten how to do in northern Europe, with cheap imports of often tasteless fruits and vegetables all year round.  Here in New Zealand, you know summer is coming when the price of tomatoes drops and strawberries that taste of strawberries appear in the supermarket.  The other day I bought some white peaches, just in an ordinary supermarket (Pak ‘n’ Save to be precise), and was reminded how good that fruit can be.  After years of those bullet hard things which ripe and rot in two days that you get in Denmark, it was such a joy.


2 white peaches

While walking through the Botanic Gardens yesterday, I took a slight detour to take a proper look at the wonderful roses in bloom in the aptly named, Lady Norwood Rose Garden.IMG_1441

Roses in bloom

Just across from the rose garden is a small garden area dedicated to peace.  The centre piece is a Japanese lantern containing an eternal flame from the fire that resulted from the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  The lantern was donated to Wellington by The Japan Society of New Zealand in recognition of New Zealand’s efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and placed in the Japanese Garden.

IMG_1444The peace memorial

IMG_1447The lantern with the flame

And the purchases?  The library was having a sale of books, DVDs and CDs today, and I picked up 6 DVDs, including a documentary about Nijinsky and a film version of the ballet ‘Manon’ and the first series of ‘Montalbano’.  There was one woman beside me who screamed with delight when she realised she had managed to find all the series of ‘Friends’.  I can see many hours of sofa entertainment ahead!

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