A graveyard, a film and a very tasty sandwich

The weather this week has been very up and down: lots of rain and wind with sunshine in between.  However, it looks like it is about to improve, although since every weather forecast says something different, it is hard to tell.

On Friday I walked to town as usual through the Botanic Gardens and the Bolton Street Memorial Park, which is home to the graveyard previously known as Bolton Street Cemetery.  There are apparently over 1,300 monuments throughout the park, that due to 1970s town planning, now straddles the motorway.  This means that you start the walk through the cemetery, then go over a bridge that crosses the road, then continue through more of the graveyard.  Anyway, there are some wonderful flowers and a collection of heritage roses, some of which date back to when the cemetery was founded in the 1840s. It was closed for burials in 1892 as the city grew around it.

IMG_1424A view over to Thorndon from the cemetery


A view to the city from the graveyard


A path leading to…


Some of the early graves

Yesterday after several failed attempts, we finally got to see the film ‘Blue Jasmine’.  A serious and quite thought provoking Woody Allen film, it is worth seeing.  We had lunch first at the Little Peckish Cafe on Manners Street.  I had a really good open smoked salmon sandwich on rye bread, topped with pickles, which went so well with the fish, that the combination is one I will do at home.

Saturday was St Andrew’s Day, which has become a sort of national day back home in Scotland.  However, it was a sad day for Glasgow (where I lived for 6 years and worked for many more) when a helicopter crashed into a pub killing 8 people on Friday night, UK time.  It is hard to imagine such a thing happening.


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