Excursions, walks and another weekend part 1

The weather this weekend has been fantastic, lovely and hot and sunny.  In fact, it has been shorts weather.  To make the most of it, on Saturday, we headed over to Makara, where, if you follow the blog, you will know we have been before. This time we took a walk at least part way up a trail that leads from the beach.  It was just wonderful to walk along a small trail by the sea, smelling the salty tang of the seashore and then head up a grassy slope.  You can see some pictures below.


The start of the walk


View to South Island


Up the hill

From there we drove over to West Wind and the wind farm.  Far more interesting than that though for me were a couple of ruined and abandoned buildings that used to house the Post Office radio receiving station that was set up in the 1940s.


The former entrance to the radio receiving station

In one of the buildings, we found this picture below of Mercury.  Very much of its time, it was such a surprising ‘find’.  Due to the fact that it was quite weather beaten and in a ruined building, it almost looked like a Roman remain!

IMG_1400Mercury on the wall at Makara


A Roman pillar or 1940s remains?

There is a small visitor centre there where you can read about area, the history of the radio receiving station and the creation of the wind farm.  It was a great day, ending with pizza and watching a great docu-drama about the creation of Dr Who.


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