Sunshine, cauliflower and another exhibition

As I mentioned, Friday was my last day at Victoria University for a couple of months.  So far, I have spent a considerable time at the dentist and fussing about my teeth, rather than enjoying myself.  However, the lovely sunny weather we are having right now, makes it easy to just relax and enjoy the days.  Since you don’t want to see my teeth, here are some pictures of the Pipitea Campus of Victoria University.


A place to sit outside Rutherford House


Vic signpost and the Beehive

On Sunday, we returned to Te Papa to see the “Aztecs: Conquest and Glory” exhibition.  It was a well laid-out and really interesting exhibition, with some interesting artifacts and lots of descriptions about human sacrifice.  Worth going to if you are in town, it runs until 9th February.

Being at home, means I have a bit more time to do things like stare out of the window at the tuis, talk to the cat and prepare lunch. I love cauliflower, but the boys don’t, so making lunch for myself gives me a chance to do something with it.  Since the cat ate the left over chicken I had saved for myself, snatching it from the kitchen counter last night, lunch became a salad of roasted cauliflower, potato, halloumi, and spinach.


Pre lunch

To roast cauliflower, heat the oven to 200C, break the cauliflower into florets, sprinkle with olive oil and add what flavours you want.  Today I added lemon and cumin, but of course garlic is good, and sumac if you have it.  Cook for around 25 minutes, although this really depends on your oven and how you like the cauliflower.

The halloumi kind of melted onto the cauliflower, making a delightful salty, tangy mix and the potatoes and spinach added some contrast in flavour.  I made a small amount of dressing with extra virgin olive oil and pomegranate  molasses.  The picture below shows how good it was.

IMG_1381Post lunch

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