Fireworks, sunny days and exhibitions

One fun thing, at least for me, is that Guy Fawkes Day (ie 5th November) is celebrated here in New Zealand.  Lots of bangs could be heard in the neighbourhood that evening, but the Wellington City Council’s official display was on Saturday.  We walked up to the viewpoint by the top of the cable car in Kelburn, and found lots of other people in our area had the same idea.  We found a good spot at least to get a clear view of the display.  Children oood and aaahd, and even the adults let out the odd ‘ohhh’.  There were some rather fun fireworks that, when they reached the sky, formed smiley faces, and in one case, bright red lips.  We had never seen ones like that before!  A really enjoyable 15 minutes.

The weather was good over the weekend (cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons), so there was quite a bit of reading and sitting on the terrace.  Sunday morning was a bit dull, so we went to Te Papa to see the “Colour and Light: Impressionism from France and America” exhibition.  The works came from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and were a mix of paintings, drawings and sculpture.  It was a nice selection of works, and for me at least, it made a change to see some American artists as well as French ones.  We also popped in to the World of Wearable Art exhibition, celebrating 25 years of the event, which was great fun, and made me determined to get a ticket for the event next year.


Outside Te Papa

Te Papa is New Zealand’s national museum, and is home to all sorts of interesting things from the heaviest colossal squid ever found and the only complete one on display in the world, to exhibitions about wildlife, earthquakes and the history of the peoples of these islands.  It is one of the ‘don’t miss’ things of the city, and is free of charge (though they often charge for special exhibitions such as the Impressionist one).

I did no baking this weekend, but did spend quite some time thinking about food for Christmas, considering the novel experience of strawberries on Christmas Day.  What a thought.

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