A hill, a beach or two and a mystery solved

Sunday was another lovely day, so we decided to get out for a while after our enormous breakfast.  We started off up Mount Victoria, from where there is a fantastic view over the city.  Small note – this is not a place to visit on a windy day!


From Mount Victoria


Me with Wellington in the background

From there we drove to Island Bay and had a short walk along the beach there. One of the many things I appreciate about living here, is how easy it is to find fantastic scenery or landscape.  Within a few minutes, you can be out of the city and by the sea or in the hills and mountains.


Island Bay

From there we continued along the coast to Te Kopahou where there is a sea-life reserve and some interesting walks (though of course, we had the wrong shoes on and had not planned that sort of walk).  Somewhere else to return to this summer.


The intrepid explorer


Seals are a known hazard

Finally, a mystery is solved.  We now know where our visiting cat, Misse Moj, lives and also its real name.  His real home is with a friend of Anton’s who lives through the bush, just a few minutes away, and he is called Louie.


Misse Moj aka Louie

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