Eggs, toast and breakfasts in general

I am a morning person, and also someone who likes breakfast.  In fact, I can’t function without eating first thing in the morning.  Being kind of semi lactose intolerant as well as finding the smell and even the thought of drinking milk unpleasant, I don’t eat cereal (and yes I know I could put soya milk or yoghurt on it, but I don’t like that cold feeling first thing in the morning either…yes, I am fussy!).  So, breakfast for me is toast or bread or sometimes croissants at the weekend.  The joy of toast is that it is such a versatile foodstuff.  You can put all sorts of things on it, creating new breakfasts every morning.  My ‘go-to’ (ugly expression but useful) breakfast topping is low fat cream cheese, but I also like peanut butter, sometimes topped with a little cheese, or of course eggs in any shape or form, preferably with Kalles Kaviar when I can get hold of it.  Yesterday I had another favourite – Marmite and avocado.

IMG_0049Marmite and avocado – a first class breakfast

On the subject of Marmite, you will notice that I am naturally eating Kiwi Marmite.  For those British Marmite lovers out there, this version is quite different.  It is milder and easier to spread, but I have to say tastes just as good (maybe even better?).  The Australian Vegemite is also different, a bit more like the New Zealand version of this yeasty spread, that splits the population into those that love it and those that hate it.  I think you have to grow up with it to really appreciate it, but worth trying if you haven’t done so.  Just don’t spread it on thickly!

Today, being Sunday, we decided to go all out and have a full cooked breakfast, the sort that renders you useless for much of the rest of the morning.  There was some good black pudding from Moore Wilson’s, sausages, fried potatoes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice, tea for me and coffee for Karl.


My Sunday breakfast

I think after all that a long walk is needed.  The sun is shining so really there is no excuse….



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