Wind, rain and a beer tasting

Yesterday, Halloween, was a very wet and windy day.  I was so glad to be at home and just watch the trees bend in the wind and the heavy rain fall from the sky.  Luckily there was a small break when I dashed out to Pilates, but otherwise it was a pretty miserable day, weather wise at least.

In the evening, we headed off to the university staff club beer tasting event.  The theme was “the hop to malt spectrum in beer”, and the 9 beers we tasted were arranged in a particular order so we could really taste the malty ones and the hoppy ones and get a feel for the differences.  I think I am  more of a hoppy beer person, though of course each beer has its own characteristics.  Most of the beers we tasted were quite strong, and with the exception of a couple, more the sort to sip, and perhaps pair with food.

My clear favourite was Liberty Citra, a double IPA style beer, which I learned, is a stronger and more hoppy type of IPA.  It had a lovely citrus note to it as the name implies.  It was in fact voted ‘top beer’ at the end of the evening by us tasters.  Another one I liked was Renaissance Stonecutter Ale, which was described as being like a “Scottish wee heavy” in style.  It had a real smoky, peaty flavour, and you could imagine drinking it with something like a venison stew.

IMG_1297The 9 beers we tasted

At the end of the evening there was a sort of sing-off/random quiz (impossible to explain in any other way) to get rid of the left over bottles.  We got two to bring home, based on me singing along to “Flower of Scotland” and knowing that Auchtermuchty is in Fife.  Sometimes it is useful coming from Scotland!


Liberty Citra beer (with me and not a Halloween ghost in the background)


Green Flash West Coast IPA from San Diego

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