Pies, pints and a new sofa

The good weather on Saturday continued into Sunday, and we walked into town and then along the waterfront as far as the swimming pool. Karl had hoped to go for a swim, but it was so busy he gave it a miss, so we just walked and enjoyed the sunshine and waterfront.  We headed over to the fabulous Moore Wilson’s for a browse, finding some artisan black pudding, halloumi, some coffee beans for Karl and a bottle of Mountford Estate Pinot Noir which we are saving for some sort of special day.  On our walk, we stumbled upon the Tennyson Street Fair, which included a llama, some hens, music and food stalls.  Quite unexpected and quite fun.

After all that, we then had lunch at the new(ish) Laundry Cafe on Cuba Street, where the chef cooks in a caravan out the back of the restaurant. It’s a really nice, cool wee place and we sipped on some beer from Panhead with our food.  We then took the cable car home up to Kelburn, stopping at The Village Pub for a quick Happi Daze beer from The Garage Project.

I still had energy to make chicken, bacon and mushroom pies for dinner, much enjoyed by all.


Pies for all

Finally, our new sofa arrived today.  It has yet to be assembled, but we hope we will be as comfortable on it as the cat was on its sofa.


Misse Moj makes a sofa

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