Sunshine, sand and the smell of the sea

The weather this weekend has been lovely again, warm, sunny and with bright blue skies.  On Saturday, we drove out to Makara Beach.  We have been there before, but this time we were actually able to walk about a bit and not deal with strong winds as in our previous visits (where we once saw a poor seagull try to take off into the wind and fail several times).  It is just 16km north of Wellington, and a lovely drive as well.


Makara Beach

Down on the beach, lots of these creatures had been washed up by the tide.  Known as brittle stars, below is one of the ones we saw.


A brittle star

Next time we go we should go on the Makara Walkway, a 6km loop walk, that takes you past some World War II gun emplacements.  However, it was just good to smell the sea and feel the sun and go for lunch at the little cafe there.

Back at home, we were able to enjoy the sunshine on the terrace, sip a cold beer and read.

IMG_1233Relaxing Saturday in the sun


Shell picked up at the beach


Sunny spring Saturday

No blog post would be complete without some mention of food, so I will just end by saying how we enjoyed some lemon fish, cooked in a garlic and tomato sauce for dinner.  All you need to do is fry off some onion and garlic, throw in a tin of tomatoes and whatever herbs you like (I used oregano but chilli or anything you have growing or lying around that works with this combination would do).  Simmer for a bit to let the flavours come together, then put in your fish (any firm white fish), pop a lid on it, and cook until the fish is done.  Could not be simpler.


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