Storms, sunshine and a special beer

The weather this week has been somewhat changeable to say the least.  After the lovely weekend, Monday was a day of gale force winds, Tuesday of very heavy rain, and yesterday, Thursday, was a lovely sunny day.  We even sat outside for a while before dinner.  It sort of makes you wonder what is next!


Yeah!  A chance to wear jandals!


More flowers

On Tuesday evening, I went to the launch of the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s 2014 season.  Ethan Stiefel, the artistic director, introduced the season ahead.  They are going to do Coppelia, which I haven’t seen for many years, as their main classical piece.  There will also be a mixed programme of 5 pieces which looks interesting and then Christopher Gable’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ to round off the season. I enjoyed some nice sparkling wine, ate a little cheese (the nibbles and bites to eat were devoured by the dancers who had just finished a rehearsal) and met some interesting people.  To round off the reception, I just had to try a little of the special beer brewed by The Garage Project to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company, as well as coinciding with ‘Bier Halle’, a piece performed earlier this year that was set in a Bavarian beer hall.  The beer is called ‘Hops on Pointe’ and was quite a mild, fruity tasting beer.

After that, I met Karl for dinner at The Tasting Room, which we first visited when we came to Wellington last year.  I had what sounded very strange on the menu – pan fried snapper fillet, crushed new potatoes, wilted bok choy and pineapple and chilli salsa – which turned out to be surprisingly delicious, with a good mix of flavours.

Now it is Friday, and the weekend ahead, so I need to go and plan some menus.  I am at a loss and need some inspiration, though I think the weekend baking will be a scone of some sort.  Oh and congratulations to Eleanor Catton for winning the Booker Prize!  I went to buy the book yesterday and it was already sold out in town.

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