Hot water, mud pools and a parrot: a trip to Rotorua part 2

Sunday started with a bright coloured visitor to the garden, namely a parrot, or to be more strictly accurate, an Eastern rosella.  We decided that trying to get outside to take a picture would probably cause it to fly off, so here is a picture of what it is like.  Apparently, they are reasonably frequent visitors to our friends’ garden.

The weather was still good, so we set off for a drive towards Hamurana Springs, where we took a walk beside the water to the falls at the end.


Crystal clear water and ducks


A walk by the water


The falls

We then had lunch at Okere Falls Store and Beer Garden, where I had a really tasty wrap with chicken, roasted aubergine and other good things such as an excellent onion marmalade.  Do check out their website as there are some pictures of some of the seating in the beer garden made out of plastic crates with seats made from what looked like 60s bar stool tops.  The shop itself is filled with all sorts of gourmet goodies, some locally sourced.

The countryside was so beautiful and we had such a good weekend, catching up with friends, eating good food, drinking good wine and beer, that we almost felt like we had had a proper holiday.


A good weekend


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