The America’s Cup, a film, and some biscuits (or cookies if you prefer)

I never in a million years ever thought I could get interested in watching sailing, but have become quite hooked on the America’s Cup.  On Friday when I was at the dentist, one of the races was showing on the TV screen on the ceiling above the chair, and when I got back to the office, had to watch the live streaming of the following race!  I haven’t got a clue about all the technical stuff, but the competition is intense, and that is easy enough to understand.  This morning, the US beat New Zealand, but overall New Zealand is leading 6 races to 1.  Today’s (Monday) second race is due to start in 15 minutes, so better get this finished so I can go and watch.

IMG_1052Working at home

On a very different note, I find that weeks can go by when there is nothing I particularly want to see at the cinema, and then there are other weeks when there are just too many to choose from, which is the situation at the moment.  Yesterday morning (yes, I went to a showing at 11:10am) I went to see “Frances Ha”, a wonderful film that I highly recommend.  It is shot in black and white, set in New York and a short visit to Paris, and tells the story of Frances, a young aspiring dancer/choreographer and her friendships, trials and tribulations.  The dialogue is witty, the narrative interesting and the whole film left me feeling good.  The main character is sympathetic, and I kind of felt she would be a fun person to meet.  Frances is played by Greta Gerwig, and her best friend by Mickey Sumner (Sting’s daughter). It is directed by Noah Baumbach.  If you want to know where the title of the film comes from, go and see it as all is revealed at the end.  You can see a couple of clips on the film website.

Yesterday afternoon I baked some white chocolate chips and craisin biscuits.  I used the recipe I posted on 23rd June for a basic vanilla biscuit, but this time also added white chocolate chips as well as crasins, which gave the finished product and extra creaminess.

IMG_1051A plate of white chocolate chip and craisin biscuits


Two little biscuits on a plate, waiting for a cup of tea

And on that mention of the word tea, it is time to put the kettle on and make myself a motivational cuppa!

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