A cat, a crumpet and a cup of tea

It was a lovely sunny day today, Saturday, which was so nice after the stormy weather earlier in the week. I walked along the waterfront to the underground craft market where I bought a necklace and earrings that I just could not resist.  The photograph doesn’t do justice to the blues, which are reminiscent of blue sweet peas.


A present to myself from Helen Underwood Jewellery

On quite a different note, I also bought some crumpets, which I enjoyed with some tea and first class butter, sitting outside at home, listening and watching the tuis which frequent our terrace.  It was one of those ‘perfect moments’.  I really should find a recipe and make my own crumpets, but these ones were really good and light.  If anyone out there has a good recipe for them, drop me a link.

IMG_1042A cup of tea and a crumpet

Meanwhile, last night the cat was busy.  I am beginning to wonder if it has discovered Instagram and Snapchat or whatever the cat equivalent is (Instacat? Snapcat? Facecat? Twitter is obviously a cat centered social media)


Misse Moj’s selfie – clearly thinks it is a minor celeb


Sleeping on the keyboard with pen in paw after a busy day


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