A play, strong winds and invisible eclairs

I have no idea where this week has gone, probably flown away with the strong winds we had on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was so strong on Tuesday night, that it woke both Anton and me up as we could feel the house moving a bit.  On Wednesday, I was sitting talking about earthquakes to a colleague in my office, when we heard a creak, and felt something move…luckily it was only the wind causing the building to sway, but it gave us quite a shock I can tell you!


Flattened tulips

Anyway, on Tuesday evening, I braved the weather and went to see a play, ‘Live At Six’ at the Downstage theatre.  The play is described as ‘a comedy with a thriller edge’, which is a fairly accurate description.  Set in the world of New Zealand television news, it tells the story of what happens when a viral video of a news reader, seemingly drunk at a party, goes viral.  We, the audience were involved, and asked to video the incident as it took place in the theatre bar before the play started with our phones.  Some of these clips were then interwoven into the story, which was basically about how news can be manipulated through judicious use of social media.  We could also Tweet throughout.  It was great fun and well done, and the short ‘meet the cast’ event afterwards was also interesting.

Wednesday is of course French baking class day.  Yesterday, we began the class with a rich sponge (compared to a Victoria sponge at least) which we were to prepare and cook to freeze for the fourth lesson when we are going to do something with it.  We then moved on to making some mini eclairs and profiteroles.  It was great fun whisking up the mixture and then piping them out.  I can’t remember the last time I used a piping bag since I don’t like icing (I pick it off cakes), so my efforts were a little less than perfect to look at.  Anyway, practice makes perfect, so I guess the boys may be forced to eat eclairs a few times in the future.  We finished with making a creme patisserie.  Unfortunately in the two hours we have, there was not enough time to bake, cool and assemble the final product, so our efforts were well wrapped and also frozen to be assembled next week.  This means I have no photographs, cannot comment on the taste and had nothing to bring home.  I also can’t even add last week’s recipe as our teacher’s printer was not working.  Anyway, I promise to add recipes when I get them.  In the meantime, I have heard that eclairs are the next cupcakes.

Finally, I suspect that Misse Moj is a secret graffiti artist, and heads to town after dark.

IMG_1020Misse Moj?

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