A cactus, seeds and garden surprises

The terrace, or garden, or yard, has been really neglected of late, partly as it has been winter of course and partly as I just haven’t got around to doing anything outside.  There are loads of plants that I don’t know, or know are there, or even know if they are weeds or not, since a lot of things are obviously unfamiliar to me.  As a result of my ignorance, some of tulips have popped up in amongst something else.


Secret tulips

Anyway, spring is here so it is time to plant some seeds.  We went to the garden centre on Sunday, and picked up a few things such as:


Get the seeds off to a good start


Radishes, marigolds, nasturtium and Californian poppies

I have a list of some other seeds I want to get which I will do on-line, but I just had to buy what I am calling my ‘children’s garden selection’ on Sunday.  There is something about racks of seeds that look so tempting.  Anyway, wish me luck when all this gets going.  I love radishes, sliced thin in a salad or just munched on with a little salt, so I hope they flourish.

When I moved from the UK to Denmark I had to give away a load of indoor plants, and the same of course this move, and I miss having more plants around the home. I bought a miniature cyclamen because it looked so gorgeous, and a cactus.  I had a good collection of cacti in Scotland, and kind of miss having these around.  It is fun to watch them sleep in the winter and then bloom and grow again come the spring.

IMG_0960Bought for its colour and shape


Cactus and view


Cactus and Finnish candle holders

Finally, no post would be complete without some mention of food.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, how great it is to be in a place where fish is tasty and can be found at a good price, unlike that ‘fit for cats only’ stuff found in Danish supermarkets.  This is what I found today – in a supermarket with a fresh fish counter.

IMG_0970Just over 500g of fresh fish for around 3 pounds 50p or 30 Danish krone

And very good it was too!  Tomorrow is my first French patisserie and pastry class – will be interesting to see what we make and how it goes.


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