Spring flowers, hiding cats and a new cook book

This week I have been working mostly at home since I have had a pile of essays to mark.  It is much easier to sit down at home, with endless cups of tea and BBC Radio 4 Extra to keep me company, when I have a task like this to complete.  The weather on Monday at least was lovely, and Misse Moj popped in to help me out with the marking.


Misse Moj hiding and then peaking through the fence

Being at home has also meant I can keep an eye on the signs of spring that can be seen all over the place.  There are a few miniature daffodils popping up, which I seem to have scattered randomly around in the garden, and the tulips are beginning to bloom as well.

IMG_0933Tulips coming out!


A random miniature daffodil

Away from the garden and marking, we went to a book launch at Unity Books on Tuesday.  The book in question was the ‘Hungry and Frozen’ cookbook by Laura Vincent who writes one of my favourite blogs that you can read here.   There was wine and really good nibbles, and naturally a chance to buy the book and get it signed, which of course I did.  I’ve still to have a good delve into it, but it has the same fun tone and interesting ideas as the blog.

IMG_0936Hungry and Frozen: the book

We headed over to The General Practitioner afterwards for dinner.  I had the most gorgeous scallops with a pea and bacon risotto and hollandaise sauce.  The scallops were cooked just right and contrasted so well with the risotto.  It was real comfort food and full of flavour.  Karl had sausages and mash.  The sausages were bratwurst with pilsner and something neither of us can remember (note to self: write things down!) and the onion gravy that came with it was apparently fantastic.

Well, it was lamb burgers made with a dash of harissa and couscous for dinner tonight, not perhaps so gourmet, but just the thing for this cold Thursday.

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