Tastings, tangelos and tasty treats

The weekend seemed to fly by, and hard to believe that here we are at Monday again and the start of a new week.  Our friends from Auckland, Tamsin and Martin, arrived safely on Friday night, bringing treats with them.  Along with two bottles of home brew (I got to sip a bit and very good it was too), there was a big bag of tangelos from their garden and best of all, a copy of that Kiwi classic, Edmonds cook book.  Edmonds is the leading brand here for baking products, and this book, which was first published in 1908, is, according to their website, the most popular New Zealand cookbook as well as New Zealand’s most popular book. It was a perfect gift!

IMG_0859Tulips and Tangelos


New Zealand’s most popular book

On Saturday we went to the Beervana beer festival.  There were loads of stalls with loads of beers and ciders to taste.  The catalogue that came with it was useful as you could make notes of favourites.  I tasted a few, all quite different, and also some really nice cider from Zeffer. There was also a good selection of food stalls, and I ate a very tasty mini braised lamb shank pie topped with crispy potato, and a perfect cheese and ham toasty from the Martin Bosely stall.  I left early as I was still rather tired from the night before, but it was still a fun event.

IMG_0849Beer festival in full swing


More Beervana action


Spotted – kilt wearer at Beervana

Before our friends left we had time to go to Te Papa to see the Warhol exhibition that is on just now.  I will fully admit that I had not appreciated his wonderful drawings from his early years, and just how they fed into his well-known pop-art works.  It was an interesting exhibition and well worth going to.

We had a late lunch before taking our guests to the airport, which meant we didn’t need a huge dinner, so I made up some rather good BLT sandwiches that we ate with a glass of sauvignon blanc.  And so the weekend drew to a close.

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