Sunshine, scenery and friands

It was quite a strange week, what with us not being able to go to work, or at least, not to our offices, though I had to teach on Wednesday at the other campus in Kelburn. We were able to get into our offices on Friday, though after feeling a small tremor, I left and came home!  There have been continuous small quakes all week, most of them small, though there was a 5.4 last night which woke me up.

However, the weather was lovely and almost spring-like most of the week, and Anton returned from Denmark on Friday full of energy.  On Saturday, we went into town to the library and also book shopping.  I was keen to get the commemorative book for the 60th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, which on a first glance, is a wonderfully put together book of stories and history about the company from members past and present. It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, so I sat outside with Misse Moj for a while.


Quick stretch…


Hmmm…these humans can be quite graceful


Time for a wee nap in the sun

The New Zealand International Film Festival is in Wellington at the moment, and on Saturday evening we returned to the cinema we were in last week to see ‘Behind the Candelabra’, based on memoirs of a former lover of Liberace.  It is worth seeing, even if only for excellent performances from Matt Damon and Michael Douglas.

On Sunday, we drove over the Rimutaki Hill Road to Martinborough.  It was such a gorgeous day and hard to believe it is still winter.  We had a good lunch at Pinocchio where we have been before, and then returned home.


A bit of a view


The sky above the hills

On returning, I set about making friands as I mentioned in the last post.  They turned out lovely and moist, and with a firm sponge texture (have no idea how to describe it – you’ll have to make some yourself!).  I decided just to make plain lemon ones, but found a recipe for coconut lime ones that sound good to try.  I would definitely use less sugar next time, as they were a bit too sweet, at least to my taste.  My barometer of cakes, Anton, rated them highly, which is a good sign.


Friands in the tin – complete with splashes


Cooling lemon friands

As suggested, I made custard with the egg yolks, though it appears only I am eating it…no doubt for days to come…luckily I like cold custard!

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