A cat, two tuataras and some swans

I came up with the title for this post in the shower this morning, before I experienced my first earthquake (first proper one compared to the tremors I have felt in Copenhagen and Edinburgh) here this morning, in which case I might have titled it ‘An earthquake, an aftershock and some swans’ or something.  Anyway, just after 9am this morning there was an earthquake of 5.7 with its epicentre under the water at a place called Seddon.  When it started, I sat wondering what the strange noise was, and then as things began to shake, I realised what it was. It was a wee bit scary, but nothing fell over or anything.  There have of course been lots of aftershocks, one of which could be felt this afternoon.

Anyway, Misse Moj has gone back to its old self after the Cat Wars of Kelburn and the recent storms.  This scene was witnessed last night….


Karl and Misse Moj…so sweet!

When I got home today, I was met by Misse Moj, who seemed unperturbed by the earlier earthquake, judging by the speed it ate some tuna and demanded to be played with.  Here it is again this afternoon on the front terrace.


Friday afternoon relaxation

However, there seems to be a new kid on the block..a rather large, ginger fluffy ball, which seemed to be exploring the area.  Does this means Cat Wars 2: Attack of the Ginger Fluff-Ball?


Alien invasion?

This week has actually been a really busy week at work, including some teaching up at the Kelburn campus.  There are some tuatara there as part of an ongoing research programme at the university, and on Wednesday I was lucky enough to see two of them sunning themselves under the heat lamps.  You can read about them here Tuatara Biology.

Finally, the swans.  This weekend, the Royal New Zealand Ballet are celebrating their 60th birthday.  Their birthday ballet is ‘Swan Lake’, which I have to confess, is one of my favourites of the old classics.  I went to see the dress rehearsal as a ‘friend’ of the company, and have to say it was really excellent. I am really looking forward to seeing it in Auckland in a few weeks, but am so pleased I managed to see it now at the start of the season.  I’ll reserve a full review of it until August.

The Film Archive is showing a selection of dance films from their archives to coincide with the birthday celebrations.  Last night (Thursday), I went to see one of the programmes, which consisted of four short films, Our Stars of Ballet from 1960 about Rowena Jackson and Alexander Grant who danced with the Royal Ballet and were visiting New Zealand at the time, ‘Prismatic Variations’ from 1960 (hmmm…not surprised it has not been revived), ‘Aurora’s Wedding’ from 1980 with Sir Jon Trimmer a stunning Blue Bird and then a documentary ‘Jon Trimmer, Dancer’  from 2004.  It was a lovely mix and so interesting to see the old clips.

Anyway, it is now Friday and the weekend lies ahead.  I haven’t mentioned food once in this entry….normal service will no doubt be resumed next time!

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