Soup, silver beet and a shepherd’s pie

It’s been a really busy week at work as teaching starts on Monday and there is lot to get ready.  Some things have proved really frustrating, such as trying to improve the design of some truly awful Powerpoint slides, but at least it is the weekend and time to switch off and relax.

Anton flew off to Denmark for a holiday this week.  He got there safe and sound at least, but it has been strange not having him around. Going to Europe at this time of year means he is missing part of the winter here, which from what I have experienced so far, seems to be a wet and windy season here in Wellington, and thankfully nothing like those endless dark days below freezing that typifies a Copenhagen winter.  Actually, there has been quite a bit of flooding in places, and Martinborough was cut off earlier today.

Meanwhile, we are keeping cosy and enjoying winter foods like soup and shepherd’s pie, and trying out silver beet.

IMG_0769Silver beet – full of vitamins


I need to improve my food photography skills…


Shepherd’s Pie before cooking


Cooked and ready to be eaten

On a different note completely, I have a habit of picking up my iPad when I wake up in the morning to check Facebook, my email and so on before getting up.  Today’s surprise was when I opened up the ‘life and style’ section on Stuff, I found an article written by my nephew, Peter Mountford, that first appeared in Slate.  The editors of Stuff obviously found it interesting enough to feature it on their website.  Here it is for those of you interested Life as a stay at home Dad


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