Winter weather, apple tart and an unidentified object

It was a bit of a wet and windy weekend, but then it is Wellington, and it is mid-winter.  It was back to 14C and sunshine on Monday, but as I type the wind and rain are getting up again, and it is definitely a night for staying in with cups of tea.

We limited ourselves to the library and Pak ‘n’ Save supermarket in Petone on Saturday, where we also ate takeaway pies, sitting in the car, which I am sure you agree is the height of sophistication and the high life!  On Sunday we drove to Makara on the coast.  It is a lovely drive over hills and through farm land, all a short distance from the city.  It was extremely windy, and we watched a poor seagull repeatedly trying to take off with a stone or something in its beak.  We had lunch in the wee cafe there where we spotted this:

IMG_0755Unidentified object found on the beach at Makara

It looks like something to do with ventilation, but as yet, has still to be given a name and use.

At home, I decided it was about time to practice pastry.  I am much more a cake/scone making person than a pastry person, but with an upcoming evening class in French patisserie on the horizon, thought I should practice a bit, so I made an apple flan.  Here it is just cooked.

IMG_0758Looking tasty

I then proceeded to ruin it by glazing it with blackcurrant jam instead of apricot jam, which I forgot to buy.

IMG_0760Hmmm….not so good looking now….

Still, the pastry was light and it tasted good, which let’s face it, is the most important thing.

I woke up on Monday morning to the news about Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.  It made a good start to the day and the week.


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