2 Swedes and a Pumpkin

We’ve had a couple of lovely sunny days (with cold mornings) this week…


Winter sky in Wellington

…however, today it is cold and wet, though we are promised dry weather at least for the weekend.  I do hope so, as we will be having our housewarming/six months in New Zealand party on Saturday.

It’s winter, and so a time for comfort eating: sausages and mash, apple crumble, roasted vegetables, warming soups.   It is a good time for root vegetables, and I have to say I love most of them – most, as I loathe and detest beetroot, and am not too keen on Jerusalem artichokes.  One root I haven’t had for ages since you can’t get them in Denmark, is the swede, turnip or neep.  As anyone from Scotland, or who has been there and eaten the national dish knows, it is the classic accompaniment to haggis along with potatoes.  Anyway, you can get them here, and I bought one, just a tiny one as I rightly guessed I would be the only one who would eat it in our house, and very good it was too, served with mashed potato and really good lamb and mint sausages.

IMG_0706A big Swede with a little swede

I also love squash – butternut squash roasted in the oven with red onion, pumpkin soup, roasted pumpkin with other root veges – all good.  I think I am going to roast the one below for lunch tomorrow.


Pumpkin time!

It’s lamb tonight though not sure what to have with it.  The ‘boys’ are fed up of couscous, but I might just make them eat it anyway!

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