Fauns, robots and the language of living

Before I moved to New Zealand I used to write an occasional blog about dance.  I wasn’t sure how much dance I was going to see here, and have sort of let it lapse.  However, it seems I am getting to see quite a bit here so it might be time to resurrect it.  In the meantime, in the last post, I mentioned that I had been to see The New Zealand Dance Company, a relatively new contemporary dance company based in Auckland that you can read more about here  http://www.nzdc.org.nz/

The evening comprised 5 pieces, under the title ‘Language of Living’.  Without a doubt, the solo performance of “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” choregraphed by Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker and Mark Lorimer, and danced by Ursula Robb (who is off to teach in Copenhagen soon!) was the highlight.  It was both an homage to Nijinsky, with certain movements that made you instantly think of the classic picture of him, and a contemporary piece.

nijinsky_vaslavNijinsky as a faun

Ursula-Robb-New-Zealand-Dance-CompanyUrsula Robb as a faun

I also really enjoyed the second piece, “Trees, Birds and Then People” choreographed by Shona McCullagh, the artistic director of the company, a piece inspired by the bird life of New Zealand.  The opening piece was a duet for two male dancers, which was a good opener and nicely done. The last piece was also quite good, and a speedy and energetic end to the evening.  The least said about ‘Release Your Robot’ being presented in an evening of contemporary dance the better, not that I can fault the dancer, it was just ‘wrong’.  The whole evening was very well put together, with nice ‘mini intros’ consisting of projections with the names of the pieces.  Actually, this is something I have noticed in all the mixed bills I have seen here so far: a really good understanding of what makes a good, balanced programme.

On a different not completely, the cool thing about going to the theatre here is that you get plastic glasses of wine you can take in to the auditorium.  European theatres should pick up on that trend too.

Anyway, have to get food in somewhere to this post!  I got my copy of the Wellington on a Plate brochure today.  “The coolest little culinary festival” takes place in August, and I am looking forward to going to some of the events.  http://www.wellingtononaplate.com/


“Still life with programmes and vase”


Wellington on a Plate

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