More sausages, more crumble and other good things

As my husband pointed out to me a few moments ago, this blog was going to be about our new life in New Zealand, but increasingly, I seem to be writing more about food than anything else.  Well, I am afraid folks it is yet another food related blog this week, as I feel writing about marking over 100 assignments is not in the least bit interesting. Not exactly food related, though it eats a lot, the visiting cat, or ‘misse moj’ as it is known, is now a semi permanent feature of our lives, jumping on top of cupboards and getting stuck (really…) and stealing a bit of fish that I was about to cook.


Karl with his favourite things – coffee, red wine, iPad and Misse Moj

It’s funny how even though you know there is a place or shop or whatever you want to go to, you never seem to get there.  Now that the Pilates studio I go to has moved to Wakefield Street, I have finally had a chance to explore that part of town a bit more, without carrying bags of veges from the market.  Why I had never gone into Commonsense Organics before is a mystery, as it is the sort of shop I love to spend ages in, browsing the shelves and looking for interesting things.  Today I came out with nutmeg, miso soup and some herbal tea

Next door, is the gourmet charcuterie, Big Bad Wolf, that I had been recommended at the sausage making workshop.  We popped in there for lunch today.  I opted for the spit roast pork sandwich…


My sandwich

I am not a big fan of crackling, or pork come to that, but this was delicious and I even enjoyed the crackling on the top for the first time in my life.  Karl opted for the sausage platter…


Four different sausages, four different pickles

The sausages of the day were pork and fennel, carbonara, Provencal lamb and pork and watercress.  I tried a couple, but unfortunately don’t know which ones as the sausages came unlabelled, but both were really delicious.  There was a divine lemony chutney on the plate that I devoured while no-one was looking, as well as a rather nice apple one that went well with my pork.  I’d like to go back again sometime and just pick a sausage from the selection and have it in a sandwich.  The products are not cheap, but picking something up as a lunch time treat is worth it.

I’m off to make another pear and apple crumble as the pears are still hard from last week and I have a couple of apples to use up.  Oh and I promised a report on tamarillos – much nicer than feijoas in my opinion.

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