Food, Wine and a visitor from Auckland

The weekend seemed to come around really quickly this week, and before I knew it my friend Tamsin was visiting from Auckland.  We had a full programme of things for Saturday, beginning with the Food Show at the Westpac Stadium

I guess it took us like three and a half hours to walk around, tasting lots of wine, eating lots of foods from salami to kimchi filled dumplings, and also sampling some amazing fruit ports from Ruahine Wines and a wonderful lemon liquor from FAQ Lemon


Food Show tasting glass

Naturally, a number of things were purchased, such as some wonderful organic sausages which we ate for dinner.  A couple of the other things below!

IMG_0616Nothing beats a dollop of ajvar on some good bread


Smoked garlic – a wonderful aroma!


Smoked garlic and herb salt

We also spotted the Master Chef judges, Simon Gault and Josh Emett, the latter making omelettes at an organic free-range egg stall.

In the evening, we went to see the Moscow Ballet perform ‘The Nutcracker’.  While this may be the ballet I have seen the most in my life, it has been a few years since I have, so it was quite nice to revisit a childhood favourite in a new setting.  The dancers were really good, and the leading men exhibited that Russian flair for high jumps.  The leading female dancers were strong and assured, and the corps de ballet were co-ordinated.  It was a pity about some of the wigs and – horror of horrors – recorded music, but a good performance all round.

Today, Sunday, was Wellington Open Day, where a number of venues were open for a ‘gold coin’ donation of $2.  We decided to go to the Zoo, but so did half of Wellington it seemed judging by the traffic and queues, so we gave up and drove into town for a late lunch of fish and chips before driving Tamsin back to the airport.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow and my Monday lunch time yoga class.


Tamsin in the garden


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