6 things to enjoy in autumn

Autumn is here, though I have to say coming from northern Europe, the autumn so far not has not been too bad, despite a really heavy downpour last week which caused localised flooding (35mm of rain was recorded in the two hours between 9am and 11am on 6th March).

So, here are 6 things from my first autumn in Wellington.

1. Driving to Martinborough for lunch on a lovely sunny Sunday.


A glass of Pinot Gris…


..with a smoked fish pie topped with a poached egg


at Pinocchio http://www.pinocchiomartinborough.co.nz/

2. Seeing new things on the walk to work such as these mushrooms


A sure sign of autumn – mushrooms, though have no idea what kind

3. The chance to go to see dance in the coming weeks, everything from The Nutcracker to The New Zealand Dance Company http://www.nzdc.org.nz/ and new works by third year students at http://www.nzschoolofdance.ac.nz

4. The graduation parade(s) at Victoria University, which gave me the opportunity, if that is the right word to hear bagpipes at lunch time, and to see my husband in doctoral robes!

IMG_0574The Pipe Band

IMG_0581Karl processing!

5.  Curling up with a good book and a cup of tea – naturally!

6. Catching up with old friends – Heather McAllister who I did my Master’s with and hadn’t seen for 16 years, when she moved to New Zealand, and Tamsin Owen, a Kiwi friend from Denmark who moved home last year, who is coming down here next weekend.

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