Chutney, sausages…and a little taste of Sweden

Autumn is definitely here.  We have had quite a bit of rain this week, as well as a fair bit of wind, but it is still relatively mild for someone who has experienced Danish winters!  Still, I bought a fleece today in preparation for the winter.

This week has been a sort of foodie week in one way or another.  I decided to use up the feijoas and make a chutney.  Here it is cooking!


Feijoa chutney cooking

I have to say, it doesn’t look that exciting in that picture, but it smelt lovely when ready.  I got the recipe here, and added an apple

On Friday we went out to Island Bay to collect a wee parcel of goodies from Sweden (and 1 thing from Denmark) from  I had been craving Kalles kaviar, and it was so good to eat it again this morning with my breakfast egg.  We also got some Swedish coffee and some ‘lollies’.

IMG_0552Hoorah!  Kalles!!


Sweden’s most bought car….


..and some Danish salty fish

Today I went to a sausage making workshop.  It was great fun and we learned all sorts of things such as how to change the texture of the sausage from rough to smooth (mince twice for a smoother texture), that they should contain 20% fat to be nice and juicy, and how to manually stuff a sausage skin if you don’t have a machine.  This last part was great fun, as we tried to get the meat into the skin using a piping bag.  We worked in groups and I have to say our group was quickest and had the neatest looking sausages!


Sausages being made – one of our group twisting them into shape


Sausages cooking


Sausages being eaten, with bread made by the instructor

It was a great way to spend a morning, and I will certainly be looking out for more things like this.

Oh – and I haven’t tasted the chutney yet, but the sausages were excellent and quite different to shop bought ones.


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