Poppies, sausages and tasting faijoas

I have spent a lot of time this week marking essays, which has meant that I have been at home quite a bit.  It has been hard at times to sit and read rather than disappear upstairs and unpack boxes!  Still, we are getting there with most things put away.  However, we lack cupboard space.  The bed linen is still in Ikea bags and my shoes are arranged in a rather untidy arrangement of cardboard boxes in the bedroom. I think it is time for some  ingenious storage solutions!

Thursday was Anzac Day.  Dawn services are held all around the country and abroad in commemoration.


Poppy for remembrance

Coming from the UK, I always associate wearing a poppy with 11th November, so it was both something familiar and something different.

The visiting cat has been around a lot this week with me being at home.  Anzac Day is a public holiday, and I spent the day reading and relaxing.  The cat also decided it was a day to relax as well.


Cat asleep on my legs!

For a change yesterday (Saturday), I took a walk down to Hill Street Farmers’ Market which is stocked with locally produced produce  http://www.hillstfarmersmarket.org.nz/


Organic pork – bought some Cumberland sausages


One of the produce stalls

I also bought some feijoas.  I had tasted feijoa ice-cream, but not the fresh fruit so got some to try.


Bowl of feijoas

I have to say, that they didn’t taste quite how I imagined, sort of fragrant and a mix of different flavours with the texture almost like a pear.  You can cook with them as well, and I might try mixing a few into an apple crumble.


A feijoa

Next I have to try a tamarillo! The peak season for them is July and August so I believe, so time to enjoy the feijoas in the meantime.


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