Windows, doors and a weta

I haven’t written much about the interior of our house in Kelburn, partly as we still haven’t got our own furniture and some spaces look a bit bare.  However, our own stuff has got through customs and will be delivered on Friday.  Actually, we could have had it delivered tomorrow, Monday, but I decided to leave it to the end of the week when Karl is back and when we have the whole weekend to start unpacking and rediscovering our belongings (and hoping for no nasty surprises either!).

As I may have already mentioned, the house was built in 1929 and has a few features that shows its era which I love.  Downstairs, there is one large room with a kitchen at one end and a comfortable living-cum-dining room at the other. There is a laundry room and downstairs toilet as well.


The main downstairs space


The front door with original glass

Upstairs are two bedrooms, a small study or single bedroom, bathroom and a sitting room.  There are three entrance doors (two downstairs and one upstairs), the main one is pictured above.  The sitting room and bedrooms all have large windows that look out over the area.  Below are a couple of pictures of the internal doors and one of the small windows in the sitting room.


The door to Anton’s bedroom and a cupboard


A door handle


One of the small windows

I’m really looking forward to getting our stuff and figuring out where it is going to go, though I expect some screams and headaches regarding this as well!

On screaming and nasty shocks, I found a (dead) weta in the laundry room this week.  If you are of a squeamish nature and don’t know what they look like, don’t Google image it.  I leave it up to you!





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  1. The small window is beautiful. And the entrance door also. I love old houses that have a story to tell. I hope you have a wonderful time there and no more wetas 🙂

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