Pasta, pizza and….Pilates

I was going to call this post ‘backs, teeth and eyes’ but decided that sounded a bit too, well, clinical and off putting, but in fact this week has been one involving those things.  It all started with being overly keen with the gardening, or weeding to be precise.  I managed to put my back out somehow, and after two days of agony, my wonderful Pilates instructor, Ali Townsend, with the aid of some suitable exercises, sorted me out and I am now almost back to normal


Freshly planted coriander in the front and the small bay tree

This week I also visited the dentist – twice in fact – for some hygiene work.  I had two visits of 45 minutes each and I have to say I had first class treatment.  I also went to the optician, and there again, I was treated to some top rate service, and picked out a new pair of reading glasses.

We tried out a local Italian restaurant in Thornden this week where I had a delicious tortellini dish with smoked salmon.  The ‘boys’ had pizzas and reported back in very positive tones.

Now we are into the Easter holiday weekend and plan a mixture of being lazy, trips and enjoying the fact that we have now been in New Zealand for two months (and have escaped the dreadful weather that Northern Europe has been experiencing this winter).


Island Bay

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are off up the Kapiti coast to visit a friend and see a bit more of the area around Wellington.


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