6 things I like about living in Wellington

We have been here 7 weeks although it feels like longer – not in a bad way, but a good way because we seem surprisingly settled, even though we are still waiting for our stuff to arrive.  So here are 6 things I like so far…

1.  Being able to walk to work without having to deal with bicycles and rude joggers who think the pavements belong to them.  OK – I moved here from Copenhagen which is not a pedestrian friendly city.  I love the rush hour walking traffic!

2.  Sitting in the park beside the parliament building, eating lunch.


The Beehive, NZ parliament building

3. The habit of saying thanks to the bus driver.  It is just so nice.

4. Being able to smile and talk to strangers at bus stops/in shops/on a walk.  I missed this in Denmark.

5. Fish!  Good quality and fresh fish.

6. Wonderful landscapes, plants, changing scenery…


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