Chilli, cats and computer games

Well, the whole of North Island has now officially been declared a drought area, so no watering of plants and we should take care to conserve water. I guess this means we should also remember that “if its yellow, let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down.”  I’ll let you work it out for yourselves what than means!

We have had three visitors this week, one expected and two not.  Our expected guest was Karl’s colleague Michael (also new to NZ) who came for dinner this week.  I made a veggie chilli with some of the market produce bought on Sunday, and served it with all the usual trimmings, though I did cheat and buy the guacamole.  Even though I say so myself, it was rather tasty.  For desert we tried feijoa ice cream which was really rather good.


Our unexpected guests were two cats.  One is a real softy who loves to be cuddled and seeks attention by meeowing very loudly at the door.  He seems to visit every second day, and I am finding out its favourite treats bit by bit (confession…I actually bought some cat food today….).


Chicken goes down well


Something interesting in the bushes

Our other feline friend is a beautiful looking grey striped cat who appeared yesterday, and surprised me by boldly coming into the house and running to the kitchen area.  Like the black one, it is clearly someone’s pet as it is well looked after.  Anyway, I am having all the fun of a cat without the responsibility!

Yesterday evening we went to Te Papa (the Museum of New Zealand) and to the Game Masters exhibition   I’m not a gamer myself, but still enjoyed wandering around and listening to small video clips of the designers talking about their ideas and watching people get excited at being able to play Space Invaders again.

Tonight is another fish cooking experiment, or rather cooking a new fish.  This time it will be cardinal, which the fishmonger said was a good fish for people who don’t like fish, so it seems like the ideal thing to serve Karl and Anton!


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  1. The cats sound lovely and have obviously adopted you (as opposed to the other way around – I truly believe that they decide whether to allow you to lavish attention on them!) I think it’s hilarious that you’ve actually bought cat food instead of just giving scraps to cats you don’t actually own though… 😉 It’s not just the cat who’s a softy! XX

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