I started the day on Saturday by going to the Underground Market, held every Saturday on Jervois Quay.  It is a weekly craft market with all sorts of interesting stalls and things for sale.  This Saturday was a retro market, so there were quite a few stalls selling appropriately themed items. Three caught my eye: one selling some fabulous buttons, where I bought some rose covered ones to replace some on a black jacket, ‘Bobby Soxer’ selling fabulous 50s style dresses in gorgeous fabric (see ) and Helen Underwood Jewellery where I bought these.


Not such a good picture of some gorgeous earrings!

I can see this market becoming a firm favourite when treat and/or present buying.

The highlight of the weekend though was going to see ‘Made to Move’, a triple bill of new pieces by the Royal New Zealand Ballet.  I’ll write a bit more over on my ‘Dancing Around’ blog for those of you who are interested, but the evening was excellent.


The Anatomy of a Passing Cloud

I had been looking forward to seeing the company and was very impressed by the quality of dancing and the way they interacted with each other on the stage.   There are some very good dancers in the company and some impressive performances.  I guess my favourite of the evening was the middle one, which was a very lyrical piece choreographed by the young New Zealand choreographer Andrew Simmons, with costumes by Kate Venables.  The first piece was ‘The Anatomy of a Passing Cloud’ choreographed by Javier de Frutos,  a sparkling piece to Pacific music.  The evening ended with ‘Bier Halle’, that rare thing, a comedy ballet that worked, choreographed by the artistic director Ethan Steifel.  I normally dislike that sort of thing, but this gave the company a chance to show off some of their top dancers in some virtuoso turns.

Autumn approaches but it is still warm and sunny.  We have had such a wonderful first few weeks in New Zealand!


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