Guests, goat and gardening

This week we had our first house guests, Morten and Maarten.  They called in for a couple of days after their road trip around South Island with our mutual friend Tamsin, who lives in Auckland.  It was really great to see them.  I cooked dinner the first night they were here and we sat up late talking and catching up.


Karl and Maarten enjoy a glass of pinot noir


Morten and Anton – and no Anton is not drinking a beer!  Just eating ice-cream

The second evening they were here we went out and met Tamsin’s uncle at Mac’s Brewbar  for some good beer in the sun.  A short stroll along the waterfront took us to One Red Dog for some excellent pizza.  We chose 6 half pizzas to give us a variety to taste.  I have to say my favourite was the strange sounding ‘Bombay Kid’, which was goat braised in a korma sauce with caramlised onions and garlic yoghurt.  Yes, I do know that sounds like a very strange pizza topping, but it was really good and has to be tasted to be believed!

It was lovely to receive some cards and wishes for our new home from our friends Colin and Robbie in Glasgow, my cousin Pawel in Poland and Tamsin in Auckland, who also sent me some herb seeds I am eager to get planting.  Some weeding, watering and feeding will need to be done to the soil first, but hopefully I can get a crop of something. The ground is really dry just now as it has been very little rain this summer, though I have to say that doesn’t seem to deter the weeds.

On Saturday we went to the ballet, but I’ll write about that in the next blog as I have a lot to say on that.  This morning we went to the veggie market again.  I got apples, onions, carrots, peppers, green beans, tomatoes and passion fruit all for 6 dollars.  We had dinner tonight at a colleague of Karl’s and to get there we had to take a cable car down the slope.  It wasn’t as glamourous as it sounds as the picture shows…


The mini cable car – very useful in a hilly city!

..but it was still a fun experience!



  1. I’m going to gross out my nephew by telling him about the korma goat pizza. When he was younger he thought that my eating cold leftover Margerita pizza was really weird and exotic! I always told him I’d remind him of that when it became his staple diet during his student days 🙂

    You get a lot of fruit and veg for NZ$6 – I am quite jealous. Happy gardening, by the way. X

  2. Can’t believe you got all that for $6! btw you met my cousin yaron, not uncle 🙂 Got to get onto booking my trip down to see you, my points expire very soon!

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