Week 2

As our second week in New Zealand comes to an end, I thought I would just mention a few highlights of the week.  I have to say that so far, I am really enjoying it here.  Of course we have been very lucky with the weather since we arrived, and have yet to face the full blasts of a Wellington wind, but even so, there is such a positive vibe about the place.

There are three things that stick out about this week.  First, I went to see a photography exhibition at http://citygallery.org.nz/ exhibition this week. Ben Cauchi: The Sophists Mirror.  Some really atmospheric works and really worth seeing.

The second was finding a Pilates studio.  I did some research on-line and found this place http://www.thepilatesstudio.co.nz/Wellington_Pilates_Studio/Welcome.html


The owner, Ali Townsend is a former dancer who has lived in NZ for 10 years.  I had my first session on Friday and can honestly say it was one of the most informative and beneficial Pilates classes I have ever had.

The third thing is about food shopping.  I’ve lived in Denmark for 8 years and remember vividly the struggle during my first year to find decent potatoes and crying over the quality of the fish.  Today we went to the local supermarket just for normal groceries for the weekend and yet again I was amazed at the great choice there was available.  The fresh fish looked fresh, the veggies looked crisp and there was a great choice of bread.


The fish counter at our local supermarket (part of it!)

Just beside the supermarket was a small farmer’s market (Hill Street Farmers’ Market) with cheap veggies (half the price of the supermarket in some cases) where I bought some lovely looking peppers and green beans.

I am eager to go here Moore Wilson’s  http://www.moorewilson.co.nz/ for food shopping, though fear I might never come out!!  I popped in before my Pilates session the other day and was amazed by the choice and selection of food.  I am now eager to get my own kitchen and start cooking!

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