A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

After our short walk around the market on Sunday (see previous blog entry), we took the ferry over to Days Bay.  The journey took around 40 minutes, and we stopped on the way to let people get off and on at Matiu Somes Island. This is a rodent-free reserve, and a sanctuary for regional plants and animals. Apparently, you even have to have a biosecurity check on arrival to make sure nothing lands to upset the ecosystem of this special island.  I have to say I would love to stop over there one day and see something quite special and I guess unique.

We carried on over to Days Bay and then walked the 10 minutes or so beside the sea to Eastbourne Village where we had lunch at the Lifeboat Tavern which you can read more about here http://www.lifeboattavern.co.nz/ .  I had a really delicious spicy prawn salad, full of delicious prawns, washed down with some cold lager.  Lovely!  We then walked back to Days Bay, where I indulged in a passion fruit ice-cream, before getting the ferry back to Wellington.


The walk between Days Bay and Eastbourne Village

On the way to Eastbourne, we saw some birds, which I correctly identified as a type of oystercatcher.  On checking in my new New Zealand bird book, I found it was a variable oystercatcher, which is apparently a rare bird!  I guess being close to the sanctuary island meant that the birds were in a relatively ‘safe’ environment.


The all black birds are variable oystercatchers!

Days Bay and Eastbourne are, according to something I read, considered to be Wellington’s ‘Playground by the Sea’, and it certainly appeared to be so with people swimming, having picnics and enjoying being by the sea.  I can see us going back there on other sunny summer days.


Days Bay

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