First Impressions, First Steps

After our long flight to the other side of the world, we finally arrived in Wellington, via Heathrow, Los Angeles and Auckland.  We left Copenhagen on Saturday morning where it was -5C at least and arrived in Wellington on Monday morning where it was +25C.  Quite a difference!

We are staying on a temporary basis in a service flat near the city centre.  It has great views over the city and has ‘Barbara’s essential item’  – a washing machine.  After 8 years of having to use a shared laundry facility (as is pretty much the norm in Copenhagen for those of you who are non-Copenhageners), it is wonderful to have a washing machine.  Not only that….there is a bath!  Again, this is a rare luxury in Copenhagen so I am in my watery element!


Our temporary home

On our first evening we had dinner with some work contacts of Karl’s.  We took a long walk up many hills in the glorious weather, before sitting down to an excellent dinner.  It was a perfect welcome to New Zealand.

There are, as you can imagine, so many things to do.  We have hopefully managed to get Anton into a school, Wellington High, I have opened a bank account and Karl has reported for duty or at least said hello to his new department.  Obviously, we still have a long list of things to do, but each day a little more gets done.  I think the most essential thing on my list is to get a good pair of shoes for walking up and down the hills in this city!

Last night we went out for dinner to a place we had tried last time we were here, The Tasting Room  On the way, I spotted this interesting sign:


Tomorrow (Thursday 31st) is the start of the Rugby Sevens when the Wellington goes mad with parades and people in fancy dress as well as the rugby.  I hope to report on that in the next blog.


  1. Lovely to read what you guys are up to 🙂
    Be sure to update on how shoe shopping is in Kiwi land!
    And a bathtub???!!! You are spoiled already.


  2. Good luck with everything Barbara! Will follow your blog and your new adventure. Greetings from Iceland 🙂


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